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To add new maps to your server you will need to edit your Game.ini, on our platform you will find this here: /home/container/Pavlov/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/

You will also need to make a folder called "maps" in the /home/container/Pavlov/Saved/ folder

With shack you have to have the map files in the map folder you made earlier, to get these maps you can download them our file server ( or the pavlov vr discord server for the ones that dont allow redistribution, they come as zip files so you will have to unzip the folder and upload that, we recommend using filezilla or winscp. 


You will find your sftp details and a quick launch button in the settings area on the control panel.


Once the file has uploaded you will have to edit your Game.ini file (location listed above) with the exact folder name for example if we where to use Cheeto's Items map it would look like this: 

MapRotation=(MapId="SVR_Cheeto_Items", GameMode="TDM")

If you have any problems or need help contact our support team!

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