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To add new maps to your server you will need to edit your Game.ini, on our platform you will find this here: /home/container/Pavlov/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/


Available game modes as of 9/1/2021: SND, TDM, DM, GUN, ZWV, WW2GUN, TANKTDM, KOTH (TTT - Shack Only)

Maps running a Custom Game Mode (TTT (on PC), BR, Duel, etc.) don't care which GameMode you chose, as long as it isn't Shack TTT, which will always override.

UGC###### are for custom maps from steam workshop (PC Only). Find the map you want in the workshop. This is the URL for Mirage ( To put Mirage in your rotation UGC1661803933 would be the correct MapId

For example it would look like this: 

MapRotation=(MapId="UGC1661803933", GameMode="GUN")

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