What is a SRV Record and how do I use one?

The difination of a SRV record from wikipedia:

"A Service record (SRV record) is a specification of data in the Domain Name System defining the location, i.e. the hostname and port number, of servers for specified services. It is defined in RFC 2782, and its type code is 33. Some Internet protocols such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) often require SRV support by network elements."

To use a srv record you need to login to your domain registrar or CLoudflare.

For our example we will be using cloudflare:

First you need to create a "A" record with the subdomain you wish to use and the ip of the server

Replace servername with "play" or "mc" and replace "" with the servers ip.

We now need to change the record type to "SRV"

A box will appear on the screen

You now fill that in with the information below again replacing servername with subdomain, in this example we used our .co.uk domain replace this with your domain.

Click save then on the next screen leave the top two as they are and put the port number of your server in the port box and again put the subdomain and domain in the botton box.

Click save and the click "add record"

Give it around 5-10 mins for the subdomain to start working and then you will be able to connect to your server without the port at the end

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