New year, New update. + Removed old announcement's.

  • Friday, 1st January, 2021
  • 17:17pm

Hi Everyone, 

For those that have been with us for a while knew we started with only minecraft servers as did many hosting companies then branching into web hosting when it was needed, Its long been an ambition of mine to expand into other games and services so from today (01/01/2021) you will be able to order more games, more versions and different services, Ranging from Minecraft Bedrock edition all the way up to Unifi Controller hosting.

Some new services that have not been released yet will include ARK: Survival evolved, Counter Strike Global Offensive, a DDoS protected no log VPN directly into the datacentres we use and a proper VPS solution. 

There are many games not listed that we can run and are working on getting available to you guys, some are ready and in testing already by selected beta testers so if its not listed send us a message and let us know what game you would like hosted and we will tell you if its on our list and how soon to release it is. 


Kind Regards

Adam Goodenough

Founder of Smishcraft Hosting

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